This a simple guideline on how to place a Construction Permit Application. Firstly, the application can be placed by a Registered Architect. If you have not registered and wish to register, please see who can apply link before registering.

To make an application for Construction Permit, you must log into the system

Figure 1 Login

Figure 1 above shows a login page, where the user enters their Email Address and Password, and click on the “Sign In” arrow button or just press enter to login

Making an Application
Figure 2 Dashboard


Figure 2 above shows the dashboard after logging in. To make an application, click on the far right “Make Application” button. Image below is a screen shot of the next page after clicking the button.

At this page, you now have to choose an application form. To expand and show all the application forms, click on the + button alongside “APPLICATION FORMS”.

Figure 3 Choosing an application form

Figure 3 shows the screen after pressing the + button to expand on the application forms. To apply for a Construction Permit, click on the “Application for Planning and Construction Permit”, then click on “Apply Now” button which is shown on figure 4.

The application form will then appear, where you will fill-up all the required details.

Figure 4 Client Details

Figure 4 shows the page where an Architect who is applying on behalf of the client will enter details of the client as required. Be aware of the fields that have a red asterisk in front of them. They are required fields, meaning that the application form cannot be submitted without typing in information required in those fields. After filling in all the details on this page, click “Continue” button to go to the next part of the application form. You can click on “Save my progress and resume later” if you wish to stop and continue with the application at a later time.

Clicking continue will take you to the part where you fill in “Development Details”. Type in all the information required in that page and click Continue. This will then take you to a part of the application form “Project Details”, on which you will then upload all the required information, and click Submit. Be aware by clicking submit on this page takes you to the page “Review Your Entry” on which you will Review all your entries to verify correctness of the information you have provided in the application form. Then click on Submit, at which point your application will be successfully submitted.